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Multi-Million Dollar Canadian Bitcoin Scam Using Binance

Scammer will provide a QR code and the location of the closest bitcoin ATM.

If you have been caught up in this scam, you have a better than average chance of recovering funds.

The first “CRA scam” was reported to BitcoinWhosWho.com in August 2018. Since then, there have been dozens of reports of this particular tactic and it continues to fool a lot of people.

The most frequently reported CRA scam, aka “SIN scam”, bitcoin address has received 567BTC (as of Sept 9), worth almost CAD$8M.

Based on input transactions to this address alone, it appears to be scamming 2 or 3 people a day out of ~.33 BTC a pop.

The fraud starts with a caller ID spoofing Service Canada, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) or even sometimes reportedly the FBI. The caller claims there was fraudulent use of your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and only by visiting the closest crypto ATM and depositing BTC into their wallet (which they will conveniently text you a QR code for!) will they be able to “assist”. Don’t fall for it!

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44 BTC Made By Canada Revenue Agency Tax Collection Scam

300 Canadians conned out of 44 BTC in tax debt collection scam.

BitcoinWhosWho received multiple independent reports of scammers posing as Canada Revenue Agency “CRA” agents demanding payment of taxes in bitcoin. Tax payment deadline was yesterday in Canada.

The most active CRA scam bitcoin address was by far
1GVD8Y9473Lxm2ngdKW5P5M1uazDtGMRFo with 259 total payments worth CAD$284,550.

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Based on all reported bitcoin addresses, in total, the CRA scammers conned at least 295 victims out of 44.47594323 BTC or CAD$513,550.

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