Multi-Million Dollar Canadian Bitcoin Scam Using Binance

Scammer will provide a QR code and the location of the closest bitcoin ATM.

If you have been caught up in this scam, you have a better than average chance of recovering funds.

The first “CRA scam” was reported to in August 2018. Since then, there have been dozens of reports of this particular tactic and it continues to fool a lot of people.

The most frequently reported CRA scam, aka “SIN scam”, bitcoin address has received 567BTC (as of Sept 9), worth almost CAD$8M.

Based on input transactions to this address alone, it appears to be scamming 2 or 3 people a day out of ~.33 BTC a pop.

The fraud starts with a caller ID spoofing Service Canada, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) or even sometimes reportedly the FBI. The caller claims there was fraudulent use of your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and only by visiting the closest crypto ATM and depositing BTC into their wallet (which they will conveniently text you a QR code for!) will they be able to “assist”. Don’t fall for it!

These are typical descriptions of the fraud taken directly from Scam Reports;

…phone scam to convince people to pay money into bitcoin ATM, they pretend your social security ID has been stolen and used in crime and that you need to secure your money to prevent it being stolen. Get you to go your bank, take out all your money and then direct you to nearest bitcoin ATM and pay in all your cash.

– June 26, 2020

They made me believe that my money would be secured and held in this account for a day then returned to my once I got a new my social number, because my old one was fraud.

– Jan 7, 2020

Spoofs real CRA and local police phone number and claims my sin has been stolen and multiple charges are put under my name. need tomove my savings into a wage guard wallet before bank gets frozen.

– June 22, 2020

Impersonates RCMP and Service Canada regarding “Fraudulent use” of SIN. Provides “Government Security Wallet” to deposit funds. Claims will “secure SIN and funds”.

-June 22, 2020

According to the bitcoin blockchain, the most frequently reported CRA scam bitcoin address [1Q2j7UQECVREhxmUFcHCgQVbTUxT47Bk9d] is one jump away from an address with repeated outputs to a commonly known Binance address. This potentially means law enforcement has a chance to intervene.

This is the link:


sent 3 transactions to

1Ax7QmNrCppjXyhsrUFMv7xE2FswU95Pp3 (which belongs to the same wallet as another reported CRA/RCMP scammer – yes, we’re making the leap they are the same actors – 19sYMCzfsNg5m9oCRxxvjiMdEfReYg6TYX)

which has sent 23 outputs to Binance’s main bitcoin address


If you have fallen victim to this scam, you are not alone, and there is hope. Contact us for more information about your options.


You help police and deter future frauds by always reporting scam addresses to Just lookup the address and select “Report Scam”.

Always report scam bitcoin addresses

All scam report data is accessible to crypto ATM providers, law enforcement and blockchain forensic firms.

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9 thoughts on “Multi-Million Dollar Canadian Bitcoin Scam Using Binance”

  1. Hi there..

    I would like to seek your help on recovery of my bitcoin. I have been scammed and it’s getting too much for me to bear.
    Please kindly get in touch as soon as you can.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  2. I have already reported scammed bitcoin address and Web site and name of a person how would i get help regarding my Refund from bitcoin scam.The website of that com is given below.plz help me out how could I get back my 500$ from him

  3. I want to report a site called I have been scammed and don’t want others to fall a victim to it. I will like to seek your help by investigating their business so that others will not fall a victim as I am now. Thank you.

    1. Hi freeman, this yabo99 site did they contact you via whatsapp or other social media messaging system? I am from the philippines and was able to put sums of money there. It has a 100% chance of winning due to what they call an insider info. Was able to withdraw small amount with ease. But when i tried to get bigger sums of my money they say a lot about being the system is automatic, I have to deposit an amount as proof of capital flow. Does this sound similar to what happened to you? Your response will be appreciated. Thank you

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