The 7 Most Incredible Bitcoin Addresses

The bitcoin “Rare Address Hall of Fame” is a collection of the seven most incredibly unlikely vanity addresses ever to be generated. flatfly has been diligently maintaining and vetting new submissions of these most remarkable bitcoin addresses on this thread since July 2012.

What makes them remarkable is how difficult they are to generate. lightlord, the owner of one of the latest inductees, 1EMBARraSSABLezwXrdWu1dDAVMMdJ7Ci2, estimates it would take 10,000 years for a two GPU setup to find another 13 character long real-word address (or a difficulty of 15.9 quintillion).

Only the impossibly unlikely and/or totally lucky are added to the HoF. To be included flatfly requires that you prove you control the address, so ones like 1BitcoinEaterAddressDontSendf59kuE and 1111111111111111111114oLvT2 are excluded.

The Rare Bitcoin Address Hall Of Fame (as of May 2016)

BTC Address Hall of Fame Category Owner Name
1EMBARraSSABLezwXrdWu1dDAVMMdJ7Ci2 longest real-word prefix (13) lightlord
1odfsrirfbxtwjoviseqdnuixwvhsnPbJ longest lowercase prefix (29) wtfvanity
19279281759997344NJ2KMcdRZNVT5rHhq longest digits-only prefix (17) wtfvanity
1234mNnAPb8YnCsbacaNhB4BqwxB4U4321 palindrome address (4 digits) xhomerx10
1otohotohMoQoxHuxLBveQiZcV3Pji3Tc longest pronounceable prefix otoh
111111i4VTdHkzFqV2a4jntfZkdVk6B shortest address (31) HugoTheSpider

The Most Recent Additions to HoF:

The 13 character long real-word prefix address
replaced the 12 character long real-word prefix address

The 4 digit palindrome address
replaced the 3 digit palindrome address

Rare Address Hall of Fame Runner-Ups

Address Characteristic
1wmhxmoyfmfovsgpzrgqhmmigT3qkxJfR 28 lowercase, 3 uppercase, 1 number
123XjDj2ZQwgogCBZkYDrvUQBCR14ZJ321 3-char palindrome address
195579733194698xrh7CqDNfzewa4Y4FHK 15 digits-only prefix
19518695556189xmnSwcFkrP8bjscp714K 14 digits-only prefix
126771636553dSrdUytaaims2EfuZZBDRT 12 digits-only prefix
1DeCompReSsED8fvRqE97YWLYcoXH4GXw1 12 letter word prefix
1ANNuNCiAtEd6WM7trY2AExbEThSu5YNJu 11 letter word prefix
1LenGthineSSRjfTPx3hfBfUWnnd5g8bhQ 11 letter word prefix
1Methioninejxahkk89KXoTjDXX8MbQ74G 10 letter word prefix
1BoyishnessfwHq3wSkCkJ7iafUdjhghfU 10 letter word prefix
1DismisSiNG6fZa6DT942tMTAEPUnvAcTH 10 letter word prefix
1FAUCEtSUck1nRj95C5UPKspiM3Qz55ob6 10 letter word prefix
1ELiZABETHdzGTuQeg2RnCcWBMVo3ySfTz 9 letter word prefix
1AUSTRALiApPytKTdRmvEyuGLxQFjsbhL2 9 letter word prefix
1ArGUMEnTsZvthWQj6yP6p6BG89nMQVZ1m 9 letter word prefix
1gigaByteSVzV6B7aoPdysVaYNfkh87si 9 letter word prefix
1LeGEnDARybygawrtfUHksViPp3kmaw4fM 9 letter word prefix
1yaniraswqyghuJKCRrGwJUA2HakWtRad 13 lowercase letter prefix
1CanaryrAqbFnVQGxHqEgzxsiiSQBc4YYf 29 consecutive letters
123456789rceSbLWwKFY6v3T1TVnq5zWmA Long sequential digit prefix
1234567891p1rBJWFPmHTUiupi1VA6YKQw Long sequential digit prefix, 10 digit-only prefix
12345678googr7AWKah5kpLnx2h8zDS6NK 11 character address
1ELECeJompinDox61L73eAUyaWpe3Q5HZB long pronounceable prefix
1ANoNYMURccWEEGMoMTozTtjBj7CmtRZdb long pronounceable prefix
1BubbLingsoup9hqv7cjnnrWFt9GmEmCHS two words
1HouSEGuESTsL9244MpRPpn6ZgANQS3RkQ two words
1HUMMinGBiRdmKzZBBsNtw2Uf87WQEdq4w two words
18eXmgR5Svoqqa6PaYVrKvbH6hvrp5xe3A longest shared prefix (16). other 18eXmgR5Svoqqa6JXSMmbNaD4Cs5ThcV1P
18eXmgR5Svoqqa6JXSMmbNaD4Cs5ThcV1P longest shared prefix (16). other 18eXmgR5Svoqqa6PaYVrKvbH6hvrp5xe3A
1MfiREDAWiEsUJhQWqkd5XySrrAkjGwtoU only 1 number after the leading 1
123571113QfPY8JNXhBCi1sKRhpV8Zk67K rare address first seven prime numbers
1KaD9jMRutBBZjCbZH2Hcot6xVuhp5xXxX rare address ending with four X’s
17qvygfdtmtnqAkGpStab7rfXQTvirMhZT rare long shared prefix (10). other 17qvygfdtmharpKrTahbL1oQvSb9vTqVYt
17qvygfdtmharpKrTahbL1oQvSb9vTqVYt rare long shared prefix (10). other 17qvygfdtmtnqAkGpStab7rfXQTvirMhZT

10 thoughts on “The 7 Most Incredible Bitcoin Addresses”

  1. in the list: 1MfiREDAWiEsUJhQWqkd5XySrrAkjGwtoU only 1 number after the leading 1
    my adress:
    1BeNqvdUELLhEBspqQkqKTEBZwQCPSVqzN0 number after the leading 1

  2. I suppose you can add me to the honorable mentions for having the Alfred Bot address:

  3. 14 Characters long real-word prefix address “Heavy Metal Song”
    You can check the deposit and withdraw transactions.
    Peace and Beer,

      1. Hi There,

        It took many months and hundreds of dollars of electricity cost on a custom tuned 10 blade RX580 GPU rig running over 500 concurrent variations. Just below the rig’s memory limits. I was hunting for Heavy Metal but got Heavy Metal Song. Completely dumb luck. I will take it.

        Difficulty for 14 characters is something like 4.8751940841603E+24 and on my rig running 400+MKeys/S which equates in time to 386,478,475 years. Yep 1/3 of a billion years to find a 14 character prefix. Winning the lottery is orders magnitude more likely in your lifetime then to find a 14 character prefix.

        The other fun one that popped up over the run was CatInTheHat which was 11 characters 4 words. I am good now with a lifetime of 9, 10 and 11 character addresses. I dismantled the rig and sold the parts on ebay to pay the power cost. A fun distraction.



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