Crypto Scam Digest – October 7th, 2022

Kim Kardashian Settles Charges for Illegal Crypto Promotion
Kardashian paid $1.26 million in penalties for promoting EthereumMax on social media without disclosing how much she was paid to do so.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Just A Bit of Coin
Plaintiffs claim that Just A Bit of Coin promised to build bitcoin mining rigs for customers but never delivered, blaming supply chain issues.

Brazilian Police, US Homeland Security Bust Crypto Fraud Ring
A multi-year investigation has ended with the execution of 20 search and seizure warrants against a crypto scam ring based in Curitaba, Brazil.

Malicious DApp Is Stealing Crypto from Other Crypto Scammers “Water Labbu” is inserting malicious code into crypto scam websites and emptying the wallets of visitors of those sites before they even have a chance to get scammed the usual way. Trend Micro

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