Top 50 Bitcoin Donation Address Rankings

Original  Gavin Andresen Faucet Page
Original Gavin Andresen Faucet Page

The First Ever Bitcoin Donation Address League Table

Gavin Andresen’s Faucet Ranks #1 With 19,922 BTC Received

One of the most redeeming qualities of the bitcoin community is their generosity. For every scammer trying to take advantage of the blockchain’s anonymity, there are multiple others giving transparently to a cause in which they believe. From the original Wikileaks campaign, which arguably put bitcoin on the map, to the current Free Ross movement, there is no shortage of organization’s taking advantage of bitcoin’s frictionless ability to cross borders and replace traditional payment systems.

This first ever ranking of bitcoin donation addresses is easily led by Gavin Andresen’s original faucet addresses. This faucet originally gave away 5 BTC just for solving a captcha when it first went live in July 2010. Talk about generous! The total received balance on these addresses is almost three times that of the second ranked Bitcointalk Forum address.

The popular Free Ross Ulbricht campaign address currently ranks #12. Free Snowden ranks #25.

Here are the rest of the top 50 bitcoin donation addresses based on total received balance out of 475 reviewed. Continue reading Top 50 Bitcoin Donation Address Rankings