Million Dollar MyBTGWallet Scam

BitcoinWhosWho received multiple reports from around the world about a bitcoin scam run by “” today. The total received by the addresses reported so far exceeds 261 BTC.

Actual accounts taken from selected scam reports

This site was listed on the official website as a wallet provider. It has since been removed…

Phished the mnemonic seed and stole many people’s coins. The site was linked from official bitcoin gold website.

they stole all my funds through Bitcoin official website they asked for my seed phrase phrase to claim btg but they stole my btc

Phished the seed mnemonic of many people under false pretense as a way to get BTG after the fork. The link to this website was listed on the official bitcoin gold website (, and was also deemed “safe and secure” by the team.

Claiming BTG Bitcoin Gold ends up with empty BTG BTC ETH Wallets..

The MyBTGWallet scam addresses:


Four of these scam addresses use wallet “002433bbffafc761” which according to has 2,154 other address associated.

Fraud victims can report here
UK: ActionFraud
Canada: Anti Fraud Centre
Russia: ?? if you know these or others please leave in comments
India: ??
Australia: ??
Germany: ??

And, of course, always report scam addresses to BitcoinWhosWho. Just lookup the address and select “Report Scam”. The more we know collectively, the more likely we are to identify the owner and deter future frauds.

51 thoughts on “Million Dollar MyBTGWallet Scam”

  1. 182csUn35VNv2j6ZPTgWUxzdagnbKfzf3R



    here is three more of there address

  2. All my savings that I worked so hard for is taken from me just like that. That’s not right at all, I am sure the Bitcoin Gold team will make it right for the those of us who trusted there word. My address that had my BTC is 1K2YLVFbLQk73So5efapEM8YWm1iq995rK

    and the thief address is

    I have more proof I just can not post Pic’s on here. I am so disappointed

  3. 6.3 btc got stolen beacause of this bitcoin gold shit, and they are not taking any responsibility about it

  4. They scam me too 14.64543BTC
    This is the adress where my money was gone: 1HGHVaApNto1cCeXzjb8jtufZ3X9wcz6wm

    Return my money please! 1HQ9fgKPN9wzoP3y4RVUu4UdpRwupfQS9R

  5. my 3.3 btc were stolen after I used my mnemonic seed in that was published in official Bitcoin website
    btg dev team not yet explained the situation nor refunded us at all
    my address is 1BU74LfFNdkX1cQTU3SRoW78YdLxVza6Po
    after using the myBTGwallet my funds were to the following address

  6. scammed by mybtgwallet!
    it was listed on official bitcoingold wallets,i’ve thrusted on that page and inserted the seed in that suggested web-wallet in order to check the amount of btg to claim…then they sweep all of my money .

    November 15 @ 10:15 PM

  7. Scammer ‘Johnson’ from Lagos Nigeria, stole all my btc – my total life savings!!!
    Uses the logo of Blockchain and name is
    The scammer sent all my btc to his wallet identified as follows-

  8. I was scammed as well, any luck with a response from bitcoin gold team? I haven’t heard back from them. I filed an FBI report as well. Is there any organization to the victims so we can potentially use legal action if bitcoin gold refuses to accept responsibility for their actions?

  9. I lost 1.6 BTC from exodus and electrum. I trusted their website as they emphasized. what should we do? ant advice.

    BTG must be responsible for it.

  10. i lost everything 🙁 if any1 can spare something all is welcomed thankyou, happy hoildays.
    1CMhw6Gmwt67na9xPq3mvSQebyhUfPwdFb =BTC

  11. man you guys are idiot
    you think FBI that are paid by USD would investigate your crypto string code that shouldn’t have any real value?
    and should probably be illegal ?
    and it should be illegal because ppl are too dumb and they will bankrupt their own country by moving all their asset and live into scams ans waisting electricity trying to make encrypted string that will be cracked in 20 years max
    crypto currency might make sense but it will make sense when the entire world shift to it in like 200 years when everything will mostly be free and this will be controlled “TOKEN” to ensure equality in the world and when computer power will reach the apex

  12. Also to add on this let say you have 5 kids in a 1000 kids school that think a bar code under a juice box worth 5$ and they keep giving 3$ to ppl to get the empty juice box so they can cut the bar code and put it in their bar code chest.
    now the chest is growing one of the 5 kids is part of that crew only because he can eat , he eat by selling the bar code to the other 4 and he buy himself a lunch with the gain.
    3 are idiot and 1 is also a moron but want to take it all so eventually they have a chest of hoarded bar code and the moron steal it , he tell is friend he was attacked and lost it all. 1 of them doesn’t care cause he was doing it to eat the 3 other go cry to their parent. and the one that stole it all hide the chest for future use thinking he made the right decision and assuming he is rich.

  13. 6 month after the moron see a sale deal on juice box they are 4 for 1$ (he just leanred to read) he think he hit the jack pot he could buy the juice box and cut the bar code and make huge profit. so he goes to is friends that he steal from and sell them each bar code for 4$ and they buy them thinking they make a 1$ profit out of the deal.
    and he buy all the juice box he can and cut the bar code. He keep doing this until no one in the gang can buy back the bar code.
    so once he max out is profit he buy an Xbox.

  14. The 3 idiot think they have hundred of dollars value now cause they think that they bar code have a value of “something else”. So one day they decided they want to buy pizza , the pizza cost 20$ and they think 5 juice bar code worth 25$ so they pay the delivery guy with juice bar code.
    the pizza guy is upset but have piety so he give the pizza and take the bar code from the kids and leave….

  15. back to is apartment the pizza guy talk to is friend that live in the same block he tell him the story. The guy that live with him is a math genius and he love the story he tell is friend “you know what, this make alot of sense”
    pizza guy is like what the heck???
    and the bitcoin was eventually created….
    and this is also the story of your wallet

  16. BTW if you moderate/block my love story you don’t think we live in a democratic world and you should post your own bullshit story this will be quicker to fill up your blog.


  17. I lost everything. Any donations would be very much appreciated as I want to support my family, & my younger brother and a twin sisters, maybe this will help us with something. God bless. Thank you
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  18. So I guess it will be dumb to assume that the people who got their money stolen will be compensated to some extent by bitcoin gold team even though they are directly responsible for having that link on their website and even promoting it in their tweets.

  19. Just hope no one handling your pension fund keep those more than a few second with robot that buy and sell /trade at a 0.1% margin gain.
    When this start to nose down the only winner will be north korea ,isis and the automated buy/sell trading robot.
    everyone else that wasted electricity and hardware on this will be the looser. the greedy that keep this as an investment will loose it all in a few minutes. just pray that no bank or anyone with monetary authority decide that this is a good investment in you country cause its not. Its a retarded conception of a value based on burning CPU,GPU and electricity relative to time.
    the only problem is that this burning of cpu,gpu and electricty relative to space time is also relative to a branch of numbers like a 1 way road , the main problem is that the road can be forked
    in so many way more way than we have atom in our galaxy.
    but the wasted cpu,gpu,electricity that was used to create the road don’t hold any value a 1 can be replace by a 4B and a 4B by a 6F numbers can be replace in a new encryption matching or not matching a sequence if you buy a series of digit that can be replace by another one what is the point?
    you can add a 256 bit encryption on the top of a new created fork and create a brand new value if ppl think that this new “string” worth something it will.

    i am astounded by the price inflation and i am astonished that any country with advanced economy are allowing such trade to happen on their soil. its like a mass scam at a planetary scale


  20. you might ask yourself why any advanced economy with fiat currency can match a crypto? if they can print money at while .
    the difference is that crypto is created with wasted CPU,GPU and electricity the fiat are usually created on trust of stable economy .
    as per example bob the builder is sick and ask bobis the doctor to cure him. bobis will use hundred or thousand of other worker energy to provide bob a cure when i am talking about energy i mean ppl developing drugs and new medical Technic as per example , those worker are using their human time on this plane to help bob and they will probably never know. what they know is that they will receive a fiat currency this is usually called a “pay day”
    with the pay day they will feed their kids buying eggs from the farmer that will take the pay day to buy a new tractor.
    this create a “value” in term of human survival. (your species)

    Now the value based on burning electricty , cpu and gpu is 0 you don’t create good or cure human or help your species by wasting hardware and electricity to create a specific string of number based on what i have said before.

    leaving your PC for 24/24 7/7 365/365 cracking code doesn’t add eggs on the table. so if it does it will be for a really small amount of time

  21. Also , The criminal that have a huge margin on the string can fork it and force anyone to be moved on this new “special string”
    this mean if someone hold a good amount of the “popular” crypto value and decided to fork it to another value could increase the profit by tenfold by exchanging is current “value” to a new created one. the new created string will be boosted by the fact that a marginal but substantial amount of the denominator was switched creating a new interest and adding a new fictive value. unfortunately real human that work out their sweat for years investing on their pension plan at a rate of 8% or more of their salary could be scammed and loose it all , not because they invest themselves but because retarded moron and imbecile working in the bank decided that this was a good and stable return rate so they can have a huge bonus at the end of the year,

    imagine if 100% of human would sit in front of a pc and wait for the “money” to be created by the PC automatically would this be a working world???


  22. BTW when i said it could be forked more than the amount of atoms we have in our galaxy or universe and you ask yourself how this can be???
    it’s simple if you can count the amount of atom in our galaxy we can create a value for it (like miliky way atom amount = 1VXXX) and add it to your new crypto string to make it more “secure” and “safe” and “unique” so more ppl could sell their house to buy that new unique number and banker can invest in this new string and make huge bonus.

    if that is not enough you can modifies it by multiplying the milky way value by the amount of helium atom our galaxy have and add a random digit like +3 or whatever this will create a secret new valuable crypto

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  24. Here’s my little story,
    my 0.7 btc was also taken and set to
    However, I did visit, but NEVER gave any btc private keys.
    I did sweep my keys into Coinami, to claim the air drops of BTG.

    So, my question is, how did they get my private keys???

    Lessened learned,
    always send your BTC to another address and then sweep your OLD keys into the client for which your claiming another air drop coin….

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