Most Frequently Reported Bitcoin Scam Addresses

These are the bitcoin addresses that were reported as being controlled by scammers the most often from Sept-Nov 2017.

The Most Frequently Reported Bitcoin Scam Addresses

Bitcoin Address # Reports Reported Name of Scam Report Date
1DVhaBdbp5mx5Y8zR1qR9NBiQtrgL9ZNQs 5 Nov 16th, 17
    btgwallet Nov 16th, 17
    scam Nov 16th, 17
    MyBTGWallet scammers Nov 16th, 17
    Stole approximately .052 Nov 17th, 17
1GiZEJUYm3j3H4pnHziL5JmV2htVtpcAh2 5 1GiZEJUYm3j3H4pnHziL5JmV2htVtpcAh2 Nov 4th, 17
    1GiZEJUYm3j3H4pnHziL5JmV2htVtpcAh2 Nov 4th, 17
    1GiZEJUYm3j3H4pnHziL5JmV2htVtpcAh2 Nov 4th, 17
    1GiZEJUYm3j3H4pnHziL5JmV2htVtpcAh2 Nov 4th, 17
    1GiZEJUYm3j3H4pnHziL5JmV2htVtpcAh2 Nov 4th, 17
1ucJRLgBSAqcyC4bZoUJx3CdTupFAGQZf 4 money scam Nov 23rd, 17
    email scam and malvware blackmail Nov 23rd, 17
    Porn Ransomware Nov 24th, 17
    Email ransomware Nov 24th, 17
12xQJ7UypA1MV6TBAeqawvTwLnkmgpuTaT 3 Fake Hero Token Sep 5th, 17
    Poses as Hero Token Sep 5th, 17
    Fake Hero Token Address Sep 5th, 17
13hQhefb282mXEa7HTZYD3hZb8Ce4c8cyq 2 00f9c35455824276 Oct 28th, 17
    00f9c35455824276 Oct 28th, 17
13JF5274VuNthhwKkLrYyZW73smjSYAEen 2 copy paste BT adress May 9th, 17
    46bd38e1543eaca1 Oct 1st, 17
193rUViP2jKkqn7ZD2SxfrdD4uf6toZMid 2 Blackmail Oct 8th, 17
    Blackmail Oct 9th, 17
19Y4NSiG8kkzwWjMD17euEaQ5PErpwxWkP 2 clipboard virus May 14th, 17
    clipboard virus Sep 18th, 17
1BbW3RMzNjxHAtrWf8QgjWqsKpHACfQuEJ 2 Threats & extortion – Fake Ransomware email threat Oct 10th, 17
    Threats/extorsion/blackmail Oct 12th, 17
1F1ysGK1mWGGCrrWaJsa13q9DLH2dgadHD 2 Doublebits Nov 12th, 17 Nov 8th, 17
1N52wHoVR79PMDishab2XmRHsbekCdGquK 2 btcgpu Nov 10th, 17
    Stolen btc for faking electrum website including malware Nov 7th, 17

Thank you bitcoin community for the surge in scam reports we are experiencing. Tuesday was a record! The more we know, the more we can police and deter future frauds.

Always report scam addresses to Just lookup the address and select “Report Scam”.

All scam reports are accessible from our Blacklisted Bitcoin Address API.

If you like what we’re doing, please consider a donation 1MX96CwmUJABMwAiU4PjSxjm1Avr2cDHPd

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Most Frequently Reported Bitcoin Scam Addresses”

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  2. Nonono this address not a scam ! It is mine and all my addresses are a mess because I have no idea what I’m doing !
    Couple years back I lost a sum of $ in space ! The product I purchased with bitcoin was cancelled AFTER my transaction cleared ! I have since them been trying desperately to get it back but I simply can not figure it out … Uuuuugggghhh !!!!!!!!

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