First Bitcoin Transaction In Space

In case you thought all the “first” bitcoin transactions had been completed, turns out you were thinking too small. Congratulation Genesis Mining! A few weeks ago they conducted the first bitcoin transaction in space.

The announcement

Bitcoin β€œTo the Moon!”

The video

The transaction

The address 1MoonKQMvcajtaZB14Qfr8vCv9dr6Q8WEW

What’ll be the next “first” bitcoin transaction; deep ocean or actually from the moon?

Coverage by CoinTelegraph Bitcoin Above All: First P2P Transaction in Space

2 thoughts on “First Bitcoin Transaction In Space”

  1. i deposit coin to this address 1837kGJYJ5oAZvR3hTqqoM2NAWtETyDL6i on Thurday 15 DEcember 2016 the receiver which is told me that they did not received my Bitcoin they were deposited from this address 1GhfcbAF1pTxrDhXj7tLGHpPRrnS8hyZxX

    1. Sorry to hear that Nndwamato. Have you already tried looking for any known connections to this address on our site? Be sure to flag the appropriate addresses as “scams” so this doesn’t happen to anyone else!

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