The arbX Digital Ponzi Scheme Exit

We received multiple scam reports of a likely 3000 BTC ponzi exit in South Africa yesterday. Jonathan Weltman, founder of arbX Digital (@arbXdigital), informed his investors he lost all funds via email a few days after the twittersphere erupted with complaints about no redemptions or communications.

From one informant.

arbX ran a crypto fund doing mostly arbitrage. Just a few days ago the founder sent out emails to all investors explaining how he has lost all funds

, but through talking to him it became quite obvious that this was most likely a ponzi to begin with and no investor has seen evidence that real trading ever happened. The fund was run by Jonathan Weltman from South Africa (identity verified), operations started in 2015 and reached a size of 3000 BTC. Shares were first traded directly with arbX (I guess, not sure on that one), later on it was all moved to coinprism and finally to BTCPop.
The investors have started a closed Facebook group… this is the best source of information on the scam. We’ve started to trace money on the blockchain and through your website were able to link arbX with other HYIP sites

The group is seeking a lawyer in South Africa to represent investors in this case. Contact us if you are interested in getting involved.

Reported arbX Digital Scam Addresses


If you have further details about this scam please share in the comments or contact us.

7 thoughts on “The arbX Digital Ponzi Scheme Exit”

  1. Jonathan Weltman (@jonoweltman) Twitter account you cited says: “Foundation for Space Development. Space Science Communicator. Catch my #Space updates, Tuesdays on 5fm & Fridays on the Expresso Show (SABC3),” and it looks genuine.

    1. That’s the guy! Probably he thought nobody would suspect him by having that “space development” nonprofit as a front. If you “invested” in arbx you know he actually advertised his ties with the NPO.

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