Bitcoin Addresses on the Web

Bitcoin Address Website Appearances
The Bitcoin Who's Who Website Appearances database currently consists of over 700,000 bitcoin addresses which were discovered by crawling millions of public websites since March 2015.

Inspired by Sarah Meiklejohn's 2013 publication of A Fistful of Bitcoins: Characterizing Payments Among Men with No Names, has become an essential starting point for seeding any meaningful bitcoin blockchain forensic project. When a bitcoin address is discovered on a target website, the crawler will capture the URL address, page title and description (in addition to the BTC wallet address) to provide vital context.

The websites crawled are highly curated to ensure only the most relevant information is displayed on

% of Total CrawledWebsite Type
19.10%Crypto Media
5.62%Bitcoin Forum
3.37%Legal & Regulatory
1.12%Social Media

Absolutely no blockexplorers are ever allowed because the results from crawling them don't provide any unique context for the addresses that are captured.

Bitcoin Address Website Appearances are also available via API. Click here for more information on the APIs or email to request a key.