Bitcoin Address Tags

Adding Tags: How to Add Info to a Bitcoin Address
Step 1: Enter the bitcoin address below and submit
Step 2: From the Report page, click the "Add Tag" button

Bitcoin Who's Who is now offering our users the ability to tag bitcoin addresses with additional information. Below are some of the benefits of tagging bitcoin addresses:

Bitcoin Address Tags
Separate Good Addresses From Bad
Bitcoin Who's Who has been helping users identify scam addresses for years. But what about legitimate addresses? Now you can tag any address, good or bad, and view tags submitted by other users.

Why Should I Tag?
Tagging bitcoin addresses makes the community safer by helping users identify legitimate addresses before sending bitcoin. Phishing scams are rampant, so it's useful to have a third-party site you can check to make sure you're dealing with a real address.
What Should I Tag?
  • Have you withdrawn bitcoin from Coinbase, Bitfinex, Binance or any other exchange? Then you know one of their addresses. Tag it!

  • Do you have a personal address that's public? Tag it!

  • Did you pay with bitcoin at a store and you know their incoming address? Tag it!

  • Mining pool address? Tag it!

We'd love to hear from you! Drop us an email to admin at if you have any questions about our btc address tagging.

You can also donate to the cause at our (verified) btc address: 1MX96CwmUJABMwAiU4PjSxjm1Avr2cDHPd

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