Legitimate Bitcoin Investing Sites

Legit Bitcoin Investing
If you get a social media message from a bitcoin broker that will "double your money" or promises incredible returns - then it's probably a scam. Instead, buy bitcoin from one of our suggestions below. These are legitimate sites that have an operating history. Of course, there are always risks with bitcoin, so do some homework and ask questions before you put your money anywhere. But the options below will be safer than a "bitcoin doubler" or a random from Telegram.
How to Buy Bitcoin
Coinbase started in 2012 and was one of the first ways to purchase bitcoin online in the US. They claim to have over 43 million users in 100 countries - so they're a large, established operation at the very least. There are other options with lower fees, but we can recommend Coinbase due to their ease of use and long history.
Gemini was founded by the Winklevoss twins in 2014, and became the first exchange to be registered with the New York Dept. of Financial Services. They were also the first to launch bitcoin futures contracts. Because of the clear focus on obtaining all possible licenses and following all regulations, they're a recommended option.
Cash App was originally launched as Square Cash in 2013. Since Square is a public company that's highly regulated, and it's an app that you probably already have on your phone, it seems like an easy way for beginners to buy bitcoin.
Invest Bitcoin
The Greyscale Investment Trust is the first publicly-traded BTC vehicle. This means that if you have a way to trade stocks, then you can just buy ticker GBTC, and you'll be invested in bitcoin. They'll just be held in trust for you, instead of buying and storing them yourself - which might be safer in some cases.
Nexo began in 2018 and is now the largest crypto lender. They also claim over 1 million users. Their custodian is BitGo and they have a compliance program, so they should be relatively safe. NEXO tokens are their native coin and give a discount on crypto-backed loans.