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Threats & extortion - Fake Ransomware email threat
Oct 10th, 17
A copy of what was in the email. Apparently this or similar emails have been sent to thousands of people.

From Matthew Brown

Whats up,

I do not want to judge anyone, but in sum of several occasions, we have point of contact since now. I do not think that caress oneself is very bad, but when all your acquaintances see it- its definitely bad.

So, what am I implying? You surfed the internet with роrn, which I’ve seized with the deleterious soft. After you chose video, virus started working and your device became working as dedicated desktop at once. Obviously, all cams and screen started recording instantly and then my soft collected all contacts from your device.

I message you on this e-mail address, cuz I’ve collected it from your device, and I guess you for sure check this work e-mail.

The most important thing that I edited video, on one side it shows your screen record, on second your cams record. Its very amusingly. But it wasn’t so easy ,so I proud of it.

All in all- if you want me to erase all this compromising evidence, here is my BTC account address- 1BbW3RMzNjxHAtrWf8QgjWqsKpHACfQuEJ (it should be without «spaces» or «=»,check it). If you do not know how to make btc transactions, you can ask google or youtube for tips- its very easy. I suggest, that 340 usd will solve our problem and will destroy our touchpoint in perpetuity. You have thirty hours after opening this letter(I put special pixel in it, ill know when you open it). If you do not able to pay me, ill share the compromising with all contacts I’ve collected from you.

I do not think that cops can find me for only one day(not even 10 days), so think twice, you can lose your honor. Sorry for misprints, I am foreign.
Oct 12th, 17
Spam email threatening to expose alleged visit to porn site, with webcam footage of the victim masturbating.
Sadly it appears that at least a couple of people have actually fallen for this one.
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26 Jun 18
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