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Better Listen to me
Better Listen to me
Dec 13th, 18
Good day. My man has hidden the bomb (Hexogen) in the building where your business is conducted. My mercenary built an explosive device according to my instructions. It can be hidden anywhere because of its small size, it is impossible to destroy the structure of the building by this bomb, but if it detonates you will get many victims.
My mercenary keeps the building under the control. If he notices any strange behavior, panic or emergency he will blow up the device.
I can withdraw my mercenary if you make a transfer. 20.000 $ is the price for your safety and business. Pay it to me in Bitcoin and I guarantee that I will withdraw my mercenary and explosive will not explode. But do not try to fool me- my assurance will become actual only after 3 confirms in blockchain.

My payment details (Bitcoin address)- 15F7TCqGRWE66xrBNxyt9ko1XsKaQvEh9t

You must pay me by the end of the working day, if you are late with the money the device will explode.
This is just a business, if you don’t transfer me the money and the bomb explodes, next time other companies will pay me more money, because this isnt a one-time action.
I wont log into this email. I monitor my Bitcoin wallet every 25 minutes and after seeing the bitcoins I will give the command to my mercenary to leave your area.

If an explosion occurred and the authorities notice this email- We are not the terrorist society and dont take any liability for explosions in other places.
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13 Jul 21
Bitcoin Bomb Scare Associated with Sextortion Scammers - Malware News - Malware Analysis, News and Indicators
This blog was written by Jaeson Schultz. Organizations across the country are on edge today after a flurry of phony bomb threats hit several public entities Thursday, such as universities, schools and news outlets, am…
6 Jan 19
Bitcoin Abuse Database: 15F7TCqGRWE66xrBNxyt9ko1XsKaQvEh9t
13 Dec 18
Bitcoin Bomb Ransom Fizzled Out No Payments Made By Deadline | Bitcoin Who's Who Blog